3 Reasons Your Office Should Have Cold Brew Coffee On Tap

Posted on 7th September, 2023

Employees feel more valued when their employer creates a pleasant work environment and provides certain perks, such as cold brew coffee kegerators.

Having cold brew coffee available in the office offers multiple benefits, from improved office culture to employee satisfaction and increased employee engagement.

Let's look at a few of the benefits of having cold brew coffee on tap in your office:

1. Increased efficiency and loyalty

By placing a cold brew kegerator in your office, you will create a work environment where all employees will feel appreciated. Having cold brew coffee on tap can also lead to improved efficiency. Studies show that three out of five employees feel more motivated to do their best when their employer offers small perks in the office. When your employees and clients feel you are creating a welcoming environment in the office, they like your company more, which inspires commitment and loyalty.

2. Improved teamwork

We know from our customers that their cold brew coffee kegerator became a spot where employees meet to enjoy a short break, mingle, connect with co-workers, and share ideas while sipping on a cup of cold brew coffee before returning to work with a refreshing caffeine boost in their system. Having cold brews on tap can be an excellent way to foster an improved sense of community at your workplace. Employees who gather around the keg during breaks and socialize over a cup of cold brew coffee will surely appreciate your gesture.

3. Attracting new employees and impressing clients

We spend a considerable amount of the week at our workplace and we want to enjoy our time there. A positive work environment creates a good team spirit. When you install a superior quality cold brew coffee kegerator in your office, you will have an image of a progressive company that can attract and keep talented workers and new clients.

Cold brew coffee kegerator delivery

Want to know more about the benefits of having a cold brew coffee kegerator in your office? Contact us today to learn more about our cold brew & kombucha kegerator services. We are delivering kegs of local cold brew coffee to businesses who want to have the popular drink on tap.