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M Kombucha On Tap™

M Kombucha On Tap™
Call & Order: 760.683.9208

M Kombucha offers a variety of carefully designed and crafted kombucha blended with organic ingredients and natural sweeteners. Their delicious brews are low sugar, vegan, and gluten-free. We love all M Kombucha flavors and we are convinced that when you’ll taste them, you'll can't get enough of them. This is where we come into play. At Kombucha On Tap™ we sell or lease kegerators, so you can have your favorite M Kombucha flavors on tap in your home or at your workplace. You can also contact us to buy or lease a kegerator for your restaurant, tea house, coffee shop, pub or firm to provide your customers with this delicious and healthy brew. We can help you choose your favorite M Kombucha flavors, by offering a kombucha tasting at your place.

Our favorite M Kombucha flavors:

  • Restore
  • Unwind
  • Uplift
  • Beyond Hydration
  • Ultimate Energy

About M Kombucha

M Kombucha's Functional Elixirs feature organic fruits enriched with herbal medicine and other high-quality ingredients. M Kombucha was founded in Encinitas where their delicious brews are handcrafted and brewed.

Call & Order: 760.683.9208