Kombucha On Tap

Kombucha On Tap is a Southern California distributor of kegs of kombucha and nitro cold brew coffee, and more. As a company, we distribute wellness to businesses and homes. As a team, we provide amazing customer service. We are on a mission to make the world a healthier, happier place. We are based in San Diego with a warehouse in Los Angeles as well.

Kombucha is a naturally bubbly fermented tea full of probiotics that originated in China thousands of years ago. The ancient elixir is now the fastest-growing functional beverage on the market in the U.S. Most people drink it because it tastes delicious and because probiotics improve gut health and digestion.

We represent the best brands on the market and are thrilled to be able to offer them to you on tap!

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Some of our Kombucha and Other Brands

Caribbean Coffee
Health Ade
Town Hends
Wild Tonic

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