The Backstory: Kombucha On Tap™

Kombucha On Tap™ (KOT) was launched in early 2014 by two people who were brand new to the kombucha and beverage industry. While they had limited distribution experience, they knew they could provide a much-needed service in Southern California of bringing kombucha on tap to places that wanted it.

Jared and Deanne Gustafson started Kombucha On Tap™ in San Diego delivering kegs of local kombucha to businesses who wanted to sell the popular health drink on tap. KOT has grown to include an incredible team of hardworking, healthy-minded individuals. The company is headquartered in Vista, CA, and has a hub in Los Angeles as well. The company's motto is "we drink on the job" and one of the core values is "people over profits."

Mission Statement

Kombucha On Tap™'s mission is to provide the best customer service for clients and partner brands. We achieve this by offering a large variety of high-quality products, being draft experts, delivering the right order in a timely manner with integrity. We go the extra mile to spread wellness and value to our customers. Kombucha On Tap™ fosters an atmosphere of growth for employees and gives back to the community. We will always strive to make Kombucha On Tap™ a company our employees and their families can be proud of.

Kombucha & Coffee On Tap Commitment

No crisis or troubling situation could stop KOT from continuing its community give-back programs. KOT donated kegs and kegerators to first responders and front line workers, they also added a growler donation link on so anyone could pay-it-forward with the purchase of growlers for a front line worker and have it delivered.

Kombucha On Tap™ is also committed to giving back to the community and has helped shelter dogs, the homeless, first responders, and health care heroes among others.


Launched Kombucha On Tap™


Kombucha On Tap™ expanded distribution to include Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside County.


We partnered with more great brands to bring them to restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, corporate offices, yoga studios, homes, and more.


KOT added nitro cold brew coffee on tap to the list of offerings and found many loved having a kegerator with both kombucha and cold brew on it!


The San Diego Business Journal named Kombucha On Tap™ among the Top 100 Fastest Private Growing Companies in San Diego!


When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we continued to help get immune-boosting products to consumers by creating the website offering cans, bottles, and healthy snacks direct to doorsteps and homes with free delivery.


We are currently stronger than ever, committed to helping employees return to work.