Kombucha Easing My Coronavirus Anxieties

Yes, I have emergency water, but I also have a keg of kombucha! If I had to quarantine myself for 14 days, I'd be very bummed if my kombucha keg at home tapped out. Not only do I drink it daily, but during cold/flu/virus season, I'm getting fully loaded with immune-boosting probiotics.

If you've been on the fence on whether or not to get kombucha on tap at home, now's a great time! After all, it's "emergency kombucha." We'll get you all set up too!

Lastly, if you can't find hand sanitizer anywhere, we got you covered! Did you know it's only 3 ingredients and easy to make at home? Here's an IGTV video I did showing how to make it. Stay healthy & hydrated!